Thank you for stopping by Sweet Tea Stitches to shop. I work with a very close friend and melanoma survivor, Bruce McCown, to design and merchandise as an avenue for Warriors and their support system to purchase items at an affordable cost, and to know their purchase is making a difference. Sweet Tea Stitches makes a donation to either the AIM foundation or a family (for personal fundraisers) for each piece of support merchandise sold. Donation amounts will vary depending on the item, cost of materials, etc. These items are not created and sold as an avenue for my company to make money, but rather to provide Warriors and their families and friends with high quality support merchandise while also raising money to help find a cure.

Donations to AIM are sent in memory of some of Bruce's very dear friends who lost their battle - Mark Monroe, Lisa McCann, and Kindle Stamps in honor of Bruce McCown.

As you browse through the gallery, you will see that some of the items feature Warriors and Warrior stories. If you purchase a shirt, I'd love to feature you and your story on my website. I will not show support merchandise modeled by someone who isn't fighting the fight. 

If you have an idea for a support design that you would like to see created, please contact me. I can create something special for you and I will not charge you a design fee.

Bruce's Tattoo

With permission from Bruce, Sweet Tea Stitches has collaborated with him to do an exclusive line of merchandise featuring his tattoo.