MAY IS MELANOMA AWARENESS MONTH, a national effort to increase awareness about the deadliest form of skin cancer.

I hate this disease with all my heart. It has taken my "Pap Pap" (Donald Milbrand) in 2006, my good friend and Crossfit coach, Scott Ferguson in 2019 and currently our close friend, Bruce McCown, is fighting the good fight in Stage IV.

It’s no secret that I've been known to put myself into situations that aren't necessarily what others might consider, ideal.  This would include my latest and greatest idea; creating a melanoma fundraiser event during a global pandemic.  This is far, far from ideal.  But thankfully, the "Climb for a Cure" is a COVID-19-friendly event given that consists of one participant, me, engaging in a physically distancing-approved activity; skinning/skiing up and down a snowy slope in the middle of nowhere.  

Throughout May 1st & 2nd, 2020, I will be utilizing our local mountains in Park County in order to climb/ski until I have reached the goal of 29,029 vertical feet (the equivalent of Mt. Everest).  My climbing routes will be dictated by the local travel regulations at that time.  In the best case scenario, I will be shuffling on some of our taller peaks in the Mosquito Range near the Continental Divide in the central Rockies of Colorado gaining approximately 1-3,000 vertical feet per lap.  In the worst case scenario, I’ll be in my backyard gathering 25 vertical feet per lap; very un-ideal.  The main priority will be to not become a liability for our already-taxed first responders and medical departments.

I'm raising awareness for Melanoma Cancer, but I also want to take this time to remind others to #stayhome right now.  Most cancer patients are dealing with a compromised immune system.  These folks aren’t able to fight off any viral infections, so please stay put so that we can flatten the curve and save lives.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Bryan Shane

*If you would like to donate directly to the cause, please follow this link to do so:

Donald "Pap Pap" Milbrand and Bryan Shane
Bruce & Tanner
Scott Ferguson