Aimee Pistulka passed away Monday, March 29, 2021 in a motorcycle accident. Aimee was riding with her daughter when her bike went off the road and crashed. Fortunately, by the Grace of God, her daughter only received a few minor injuries.

Aimee left behind her husband Jason, her three beautiful children Ryan, Matthew, and Mia, her dog Ozzy, and countless friends and family who loved her very much.

Aimee was an experienced rider. Riding was a form of therapy for her. Aimee was a member of a small online biker group (Leather and Lace Road Warriors), but we are more like a family. Aimee is family to us. She touched so many people’s lives in our little group, and we are all very blessed to have had the privilege to know her.

Aimee was also very passionate about helping people. As a tribute to Aimee, our group is raising funds through donations and by selling “Aimee” merchandise. With these donations, our group is going to gather in Nashville in September and spend a day feeding the homeless in memory of our sweet friend.

Her husband Jason is aware of this and we have his approval. If you would like to donate or purchase “Aimee” merchandise, please do so. Every dollar will help. (Profits from the merchandise sales will go into the donation pot).

Aimee – we love you. We miss you. Our group will not be the same without you.

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