If you or a loved one are ever in a situation where you are unable to communicate, this could save lives. These keychains are 2.5" across (not including ring), and will be made to your specifications. I've blurred out my customer's personal information on the pictures above, but they show examples of the different types of things you can put on them. Each keychain is "printed" on both sides using sublimation. You can choose the color of background. Letters will be white unless a different request is made. 


How does this work? Purchase the product(s), then email me at customerservice@sweetteastitches.com with the information you want added. Please list what you want on each side. There isn't a limit on the information I will put on the keychain, as long as it will fit and still be legible when made. You will get to see and approve the design before before the keychain is made. These could also be clipped to your child's backpack. 


Food allergies

Medicine allergies

Medical issues awareness

Emergency contact(s) for the elderly


*No refunds on items after payment is made. 


Alert Keychains, badges - Personalize

  • Ordering & Shipping information

    Keychains made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. 

    Please contact me if a rush order is needed to discuss. 

    *Disclaimer: When submitting photos, files, ideas, etc. to Sweet Tea Stitches, customer is acknowleding that they have the legal right to use these materials, and accepts all legal responsibilty if they do not. 


    No returns or refunds on custom orders.