Climb for a Cure decal made with premium outdoor vinyl.

Size approximately 6"x8". Comes with transfer sheet already attached. 


*Clean area to be applied with alcohol and dry. (It is recommeded that you spot test the area to ensure colorfastness). Using a credit card, rub over transfer sheet to ensure complete contact with the decal. Remove white paper backing. Line up decal where you want to put it and apply carefully. Once the decal touches the surface, it's very difficult to move around. Press the decal down, rub again with the credit card to ensure that every part has contacted with the new surface. Remove transfer sheet. 

Please do not get the decal wet for 24 hours. 



*Design (logo) exclusive property of Bryan Shane, Fairplay, Colorado. Individual and commercial use prohibited without written consent from owner. 



Climb for a Cure Decal

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