For $10, you or your loved one can "particpate" in the Climb. For this $10 donation, the name you provide will be written down and pinned to Bryan's clothing and will skin the entire trip "with him". Please enter the name in the space provided.

Limit one name per purchase. If you list more than one name per purchase, only the first name listed will be used.  


*You will not receive any merchandise with this purchase. This is for sponsorship only. 


*Design (logo) exclusive property of Bryan Shane, Fairplay, Colorado. Individual and commercial use prohibited without written consent from owner. 



Sponsor a Loved One


    You wll be charged a "shipping charge" for this item. Unfortunately, I am unable to change this even though nothing will be mailed to you. The "shipping" charges will be used to offset any payment processing fees and the extra will be added into the fundraiser donation. 

    By sponsoring, you acknowlege and accept these terms. 

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    No refunds given on this item.